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A complete lens service.


With our knowledge and experience we will walk you through contact lenses not only to suit your corrective needs but also to suit your lifestyle. Contact lens technology is advancing rapidly and here at Thompsons we can fit and supply single vision and multifocal contact lenses to meet todays demanding optical needs.

Contact lenses supplied & fitted.

To start fitting you with contact lenses we need an up to date written prescription from your sight test. You will need an appointment with our Opthalmic optician. After discussing your needs we will not only ensure your eye is healthy for contact lenses but will ensure you have time to handle the contact lens in the company of an optician. We supply a 5 day free trial of contact lenses and solutions to allow you time to get use to wearing them. (Subject to prescription availability).

Contact lenses for you.

Contact lenses are an ever changing technology. We can professionally fit you with cosmetic contact lenses for a ghoulish party or a stunning colour change or multifocal contact lenses for everyday. Call today to book your contact lens fitting appointment.

Aftercare of your contact lenses:


Aftercare appointments are very important. The Optician will check the vision, fit, and comfort of your contact lenses. They will also look closely at your eye to ensure healthy and comfortable contact lens wearing. You will need a minimum of one contact lens check-up a year.

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